Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exotic Living room Design in 2010

Fantastic Living room Design

Colorful Country Home Interior Design By Karim Rashid

Colorful Country Home – Exterior Design

Colorful Country Home- Office Space Design

Colorful Country Home-Living Room Design

Colorful Country Home – Dining Room Design

Colorful Country Home – Stylish Bedroom Design

Shown below is the beautiful simple yet attractive country house interior design by designer Karim Rashid. It is a techbuilt house and is designed with a lot of colorful and lively interiors. Karim is a European designer and is known for building such colorful interiors. There are no multiple floors instead it is built on a radical concept with just a basement and an attic on a single poured concrete slab. The window structure is such that it can be placed anywhere in the grid of panels so that the owner can have his choice for site specific view, sunlight and ventilation. The furnishings and designs fuse perfectly with the primary color schemes.

Fantastic Kids Bedroom Design For Small Rooms

Attractive And Beautiful Kids Bedroom Interior With Bed And Study Table

Kids Bedroom Interior With Colorful Furniture

Space Saving Kids Bedroom Interior With Wardrobes And Furniture

Space Saving Kids Bedroom Interior Blue And White Color

Space Saving Kids Bedroom Interior With Bed And Study Table

Space Saving Kids Bedroom Interior Colorful Decor

Space Saving Kids Bedroom Interior Pink And White Decor

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exclusive Martha Stewart Rugs for Safavieh

We're a bit obsessed with rugs lately. It's probably because we're working on launching our new rug site and that's all we been seeing for the last two weeks.

Have you seen the Martha Stewart rug collection for Safavieh? It's not a new collection--in fact, it's been around for a while. We're seeing some new patterns that we really like though. Check them out:

What do you think? They are so Martha Stewart-ist, aren't they? One thing you can say about Martha, she's consistent in her style/taste.

These rugs are not too expensive. They run about $250 for a 4x6 to $1500 for a 9x13.

Sleek Apartment Luxury Interior Design Double Height Open Style

This apartment interior design has modern white clear with detailing ornament; make this apartment look fresh and elegant. Double height structure at living area, creates spacious space. Open plan interior design with leveling space created an interesting journey while viewing this apartment. There is unique interior decoration wall, a galleried walkway, full with arts collections. This apartment also has Victorian features, such as metal framed windows on the retained facade overlooking the street. Designed by Squire and Partners Architects.

double height elegant apartment interior design ideas

open plan interior concept apartment design ideas

galleried walkway sleek modern apartement architecture

white kitchen modern bright apartment interior design

comfortable detailing decoration interior apartment design

spacious apartment interior innovation design

leveling space apartment modern interior design

modern apartment bathroom dark interior ideas design

by archinspire

Style Beach Home Designs as Slick as Bond

Described by architecture firm WRB as a “retro futuristic retreat,” this modern summer house near Stockholm, Sweden is Goldfinger personified in architecture. This luxury beach home is a seasonal cottage designed for socializing and entertaining – how James Bond-esque! A large open concept kitchen and living area, opening through folding doors onto an outdoor terrace, is the hub of this home. The deck is ideal for all-weather entertaining, sheltered by an overhanging roof so your al fresco soirees never get rained out. Inside, the home’s hotspot – pardon the pun – is without a doubt the fireplace. A raised sofa surrounds this freestanding open hearth to create a wonderful little lounge set behind a wall of glass; a large window framing panoramic ocean views. Above the large kitchen, a loft area offers extra accommodations for overnight guests. “Storage, sleeping and washing is packed together tightly to leave maximum space for socializing




Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Gallery Living room Accessories

Exotic Living room AccessoriesExotic Living room Accessories

Living room Accessories for New YearLiving room Accessories for New Year

White Sofa and Pink Flowers Combination Living roomWhite Sofa and Pink Flowers Combination Living room

Lighting and Flower Living room AccessoriesLighting and Flower Living room Accessories

Gallery Living room Accessories

Best Contemporary Yet Lavish Penthouse Interior Design

BUILD LLC is a big designer firm which normally works for designing of pent houses. Shown below is a two storey penthouse designed for a couple who lives in contemporary style. The use of bamboo is extensive throughout the house and lots of walnut furniture to organize and keep things tidy. The glass stairs above a glowing shower enclave is one of the most fascinating interior design ideas. The design is a contemporary design but still very comfortable and warm. Because of its wonderful location the penthouse has amazing views from three sides of the pent house.

Contemporary Lavish Penthouse Interior Design – Bedroom Design

Contemporary Lavish Penthouse Interior Design – Study Room

Contemporary Lavish Penthouse Interior Design – Living Room

Contemporary Lavish Penthouse Interior Design – Kitchen Design

Contemporary Lavish Penthouse Interior Design – Glass Staircase

Modern Accessories and Decoration in Elegant Home

Modern Home Accessories and Decor

Accessories are only addition to the main items in the modern room, but sometimes it is simply amazing, what effect can create a vase shape with original color or decorative pillow.

Modern Home Accessories and Decoration
Modern Home Accessories and Decoration

The role of such a "helper" and could play an old but beautiful chair (in this case the modern room can be shaped in an antique style or country style).

Modern Interior  Decoration Ideas with Pillows
Modern Interior Decoration Ideas with Pillows

Decorative pillows - imported in large quantities in the interior completely unique charm of comfort.

Modern and Elegant Decor Ideas
Modern and Elegant Decor Ideas

All sorts of vases, decorative bowls and other containers are the best helpers of the designer. Interior can be easily animated with beautiful flowers in decorative pots. Just remember watering them regularly. And a large decorative flower could symbolize the "tree of life" in your modern home and create a unique atmosphere of tranquility and happiness.

Modern Home Interior Decoration Design
Modern Home Interior Decoration Design

Fans of fringe and ribbons will be glad of snow-white linen pillowcases and cushions to lace tablecloths. The interior can be supplemented with a bouquet of natural or artificial flowers - flowers, lace and very harmonious complement in your modern and elegant home!

Modern Home Accessories Ideas
Modern Home Accessories Ideas

So do not forget "giblets of life" - cushions, tables, ashtrays, figurines, souvenirs and other fun things that will not only diversify the interior of the house, but for many years will serve you.


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