Wednesday, October 28, 2009

new design for living room

Living Room Design of Blairgowrie Court Residence

Contemporary White Leather Sectional Sofa

Casa Familia House Living room Design

latest parlor desaign ,,,,,,
if you make one house you must take is to design the living room as beautiful as possible of your home.

new designn bedroom for girl

This is the latest bedroom design for beautiful girls who like bright colors

Friday, October 23, 2009

beautiful home interior design

Before you start considering spending your hard earned money on decorators and interior designers maybe you should consider carrying out the work yourself.

You will find it fun and exhilarating , watch your home come alive with your designs and ideas. If you want to redecorate your entire home interior design software might be the way forward for you, especially if you don't want to hire a decorator.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exclusive Interiopr Home Design Inspired by Christopher Peacock

Since my first post on Elements of Christopher Peacock Kitchen and the follow up posts, Lighting in a Peacock Kitchen and Hardware in a Peacock Kitchen; I get weekly emails from homeowners and decorators alike, asking more specific questions on how to achieve the look. My hat's off to Peacock and his wonderful classic design which resonates so strongly with people worldwide. Unfortunately, his kitchens are out the price range of many homeowners, so trying to create this look on a budget is more often the topic of the emails.

Last summer I received several emails from Interior Designer, Celeste Randolph of Los Altos, California. She was adding 1500 square feet to her 1950's ranch house and wanted the Peacock look with "chunky counters and flooded with natural light" We exchanged emails about sources, paint colors, hardware, marble, etc. She loved the Peacock look, but wanted to recreate it and stay with in her budget. Celeste recently sent on her finished renovation photos. As you can see, she is very talented and her kitchen renovation was a huge success.

Her attention to detail was outstanding. She left no stone unturned. Notice the moulding details, apron front sink, wood free standing island and gorgeous marble counters and backsplash. Celeste found some wonderful hardware. Also notice her interesting lighting over the windows flanking the stove. Neither are exact copies of Peacock, but they give her kitchen a more personal, chic style. Her kitchen, just like many of Peacock's, is classic and timeless, but also more personal, fresh and updated.

Of course Celeste's talent is not limited to kitchens. She also wanted a gorgeous Master bath too! Here Celeste's use of marble and light is breathtaking! I adore the herringbone marble floors, tub and wall tiles. And, isn't the chandelier fun?

Her choices of mirrors over the sinks and sconces are wonderful. And the window and the natural light really take my breath away.

I also like how Celeste added the rather contemporary leaning mirror in the bath. It adds an interesting designer touch.

She also updated her living room with a warm, neutral palette.

Celeste did a fabulous job of recreating the classic Christopher Peacock style in both her kitchen and her master bath. To reach Celeste contact her at Ambiance Interiors in Palo Alto. Thanks Celeste, for sharing your fabulous renovation with us - we will be anxious to see more of your work in the future!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

fresh water in your home

Urban life which is identical with the bustle and the high level of tension is one of the drivers of the emergence of the concept of house layout back to nature. The reason is, the desire for peace and relaxation after a day of activities to be an inevitable requirement. One way is to use menghadirkannya water element, as one of the basic elements used for the spatial concept. The water is believed to be elements kedamainan and through the rush of sound, the water became one of the ways the mind and soul therapy. Not only that, according to feng shui sunglasses, acceptable water also believed to bring success to the occupants.

Arranging the livingroom

Arranging the living room at home with varying sizes a challenge. In addition to deserving guests, this space must be set for a comfortable and memorable are not full.


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