Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Youth Bedroom Fun Decorating Design

Moving parts such as the puff yin yang and a platform bed that fits the social area, resolve an enviable teen room. A room full of character. The young owner of the room, explained his tastes to the architect and jointly proposed this huge space and well-done. The bedroom has been solved in a rectangular space of about 21 m2, so that when girlfriends had received clearance to be with them comfortably.

The work area is well defined with shelves, table glass and cork boards, glass and magnet to leave messages. Also installed an enlarged photograph of the glass. The bed is on a wooden platform of 7.5 m2. We used the slope to give movement to the scene and by the way, providing opportunities for multiple uses, such as having an element that most sit next to puff ying yang, frames the social space. Complement the design, a glass shelves illuminated retro.

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