Sunday, May 30, 2010

Modern Sustainable mountain home designed

Stunning architectural elements are complemented by two-story Pilkington glass walls, projecting at an angle to maximize on the magnificent views. A gated pathway leads past the 1,518-sq.-ft. carriage house and to the main house, offering 9,716 sq. ft. with an oversized heated garage, radiant heating, double-sided fireplaces and wood floors throughout.

A glass staircase leads up to the home’s third storey, which houses a glass-encased office. Hanging high over the home’s third storey is the “bird’s nest” master bedroom – an intimate and peaceful refuge. The Boulder Glass House is on sale through Sotheby’s International Realty.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Modern Architecture of Elegant Pool House Design

Modern Architecture Pool House DesignThis pavilion for entertaining and changing is an addition to the existing house with a pool. It has modern design from natural materials and provides everything owners could possible need while they relaxing near the pool. The wall and roof planes are pushed/pulled apart and made translucent to create a sense of air and light. The house is separated for public and private spaces. The private space is for changing and taking shower while the public one for cooking and taking a snack or just sitting near the pool hidden from the sun. Most materials which were used are close to natural ones so the house blends with surroundings without any problems.

Luxury Gansevoort Hotel Interior and Outdoor Design Ideas

Gansevoort Hotel Interior Design
Interior of the Gansevoort hotel, designed with modern style, the first picture is the lobby, luxurious space with nice lighting, and use the aquarium wall to make this lobby looking fresh. For floors, the hotel is using a contemporary rug style with an interesting pattern. Each room at this hotel always has an element of pink, see the bedroom, bathroom and more. I also presented some pictures outside the hotel design that looks beautiful, It's a beautiful swimming pool is open at the sea side. Hopefully you are all happy after seeing this blog,

Gansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Interior DesignGansevoort Hotel Outdoor DesignGansevoort Hotel Outdoor DesignGansevoort Hotel Outdoor Design

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Modern and Natural Outdoor Kitchens and Baths Design

Outdoor Kitchens DesignOutdoor kitchens and baths have made their way to being a spotlight trend. Outdoor kitchens are very popular, and are especially useful in summer to keep extra heat out of the house. Outdoor baths are a little slower taking off, especially in the US, as we tend to be a bit conservative. However, if you live in a more rural area (i.e. NOT in a neighborhood), these intimate retreats can be very sensual or relaxing escape.

Outdoor kitchens are wonderful for entertaining, and can add value to your home. Simple outdoor kitchens can consist of a counter top, sink, prep area, shelf storage, and a grill. High-end outdoor kitchens can consist of weather resistant cabinetry, stainless steel appliances (sometimes including wine storage), sinks, pizza ovens, steamers, fryers, the whole nine yards!

This simple kitchen requires minimum space and is easily placed on any size deck or patio that will accept its size. It comes with an integrated grill (in the forefront) and a sink and faucet that connect to your water hose to get water.

Modern Outdoor Kitchens DesignA gourmet outdoorsman's delight, this kitchen has all of the finest accessories: a grill, gas burners, a smoker (on the right side of the frame), under counter refrigerator, warming ovens, and icemaker. The wood cabinetry is treated to be weather resistant, as are the deck and furnishings. The drink station in the background has a sink and all the right equipment for making a summer cocktail.

Modern Outdoor Kitchens DesignThis kitchen falls into the mid-range as far as pricing goes, but has tons of counter space and a raised bar for seating a hungry crowd.

Modern Outdoor Kitchens DesignA simple kitchen that has a rustic appeal, which makes the space very welcoming. The wood burning pizza oven in the background is a family favorite.

Modern Outdoor Bath DesignOutdoor Baths are gaining popularity in the US, but have been in other parts of the world for centuries. Like their interior counterparts, these fixtures require access to drain lines, so take that into consideration before deciding to create your own retreat. They are called baths instead of bathrooms because a toilet is rarely ever included in an exterior space. The main focal point of these outdoor spaces is a tub and its fixtures, though some also include a shower as below:

Modern Outdoor Bath DesignThis simple soaking tub overlooks a gorgeous view of the countryside below

Modern Outdoor Bath Design

A tropical paradise and a soothing tub full of fragrant flowers can be intoxicating. This outdoor bath provides privacy as well as a view, but should there be any onlookers at the beach, the window can be closed with a solid panel.

Outdoor spaces are wonderful, but take care to contact a qualified contractor and designer before you start into your project. As mentioned above, drainage, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing issues must be addressed in order to make your dream space function the way you envision it to, and as city codes mandate it to.

Modern Dream Home Design at Hualalai

Modern Dream Home Design The house at Lau’ Eki area, Hualalai is a luxury home which interior was designed by Ownby Design studio. The house is located near Ke’olu Golf Course and ha great views overlooking the ocean. Total site area is 25000 sq feet while the house is about 5900 sq feet total with outdoor patios. The color palette of the house is mainly neutral with soft accents that would please most people. Small accents around the home made in soft golden and rusty oranges tones. Asian architectural artifacts and antiques add touch of uniqueness to the place.

The most unique aspect of this house is that it really represents indoor/ outdoor living at its best. None of the spaces are connected by interior hallways. You have to go outside to get from one room to the next, and the walkways are surrounded by water. The house has outdoor kitchen with BBQ for those who doesn’t like to cook inside. It also features custom designed swimming pool with infinity edge and integrated spa.

Modern Dream Home Entry Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Pool Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Master Bedroom Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Great Room Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Kitchen Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Outdoor Dining Kitchen Design

Modern Dream Home Design Modern Dream Home Outdoor Dining Place Design

Monday, May 24, 2010

Modern Interior Design Ideas for Men (Bachelors in General)

First of all we’d like to apologize to all the ladies reading Freshome, but today we have a pretty hot topic we’d like to cover. Interior design for men. Many think that we men , can’t decide what piece of furniture to use, how to paint our walls or what flooring to go with. Could it be because dressing up is not the same for us as it is for women? We can’t tell for sure, but for all bachelors out there, who’s been looking for redecorating ideas we’ll provide.

We know how important the living room should be when you invite “someone” over for a glass of wine, we also know how important the first look is when you open the bedroom’s door, or when showing off your bathroom. First thing that you should know is that a clean interior, with modernly, classy or elegant furniture, is always going to get people react. Be it the fact that it’s clean in a men’s crib or that incredible sofa you’ve bought, you’ll definitely have some positive stuff going your way.

Now for the second part after you take a good look at these amazing inspirational bachelor pads, interior design for men should be as easy as driving a car. Right? What’s your favorite and which ones do you think girls will like the most? And yes girls, you can answer it, too :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Luxury Shingle Style Manor House Design Ideas

Built on lake side and mountain terrain site, this luxurious residence was designed to blend in with its surroundings. By building on only a small portion of the forested acreage, the vassel majority of the land is preserved in its natural state and unaffected by development.

Shingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseShingle Style Manor HouseThe Luxury Shingle Style Manor House Design Ideas Photo Collection


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