Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorable Modern House Cedar Clad Exterior Design

This modern house creates social interactive, especially kitchen design, and others space provide interconnected open areas. Cedar clad wall at exterior provide explanation architecture that built with simple and clean geometric forms. The house design structure has favorable setting and utilizes the abundance of natural light made possible by the site’s elevation. This modern house has two-storey open living room, large sliding glazed doors and a walk-out rooftop patio. Designed by Linebox Studio inc..

Modern and Luxury Furniture Interior Natural Home Design Ideas

Architectural design is very popular right now is an ideal design for the modern home complete with a versatile design. Especially in the family room design that provides comfortable atmosphere when all family members gathered setlah not met all day because their activities are very full. This design with a sense of kinship and togetherness can be created again because the family room is fully designed by renowned architectural designer. you can change the atmosphere becomes like a family room that we recommend. let us build our family to stay intact.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Futuristic Beach House Design With Beautiful Garden Mansion

This futuristic house design based on mansion with beautiful garden. Although futuristic, the quotation of local ornamental and traditional patterns are embedding the building in its context. The building itself creates generous spaces within a beautiful and relaxing environment and is following the idea of a unique oasis for its inhabitants.

Futuristic Beach House Modern Pics layout

Futuristic Beach Living Space Design

Futuristic Beach Living room Design

This house has refreshing and relaxing ambiance. Perfect for weekend house. The buildings lines flow like a gentle wave above the ground. Maybe this is futuristic luxury design next. Designed by Project A01 Architects.

Sustainable Architecture Home with Style Elegant Classical and Modern Design

Classic and Modern Home DesignThis is an example of sustainable architecture design for luxury style elegant office design ideas. The modern office building with natural trees landscape and beautiful. This modern building office design with the butterfly shaped roof is creative idea, an innovative concept with style elegant and luxury interior design. Natural ventilation make the office seen comfortable. air filtration with style elegant of these construction. The interior workspace is warm and furniture with elegant. The room design an elegant creating a comfortable environment for the company’s employees. Here it is best modern sustainable architecture design for luxury style elegantoffice design pictures gallery for your inspiration.

Classic and Modern Home DesignClassic and Modern Home Design

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern and Luxury Country House Design Ideas

Maybe like this farm house changed into country house with attractive stones farm buildings. The new house was designed with a formal main facade, but with an internal layout for today, with a range of informal rooms along the south elevation.

Luxury Country House DesignLuxury Country House Design
Luxury Country House Design
Luxury Country House Design
Luxury Country House Design

Luxury Country House Design
Luxury Country House Design
Luxury Country House DesignNatural tones color used, as wheat field surround it, appearance luxury classic but in modern living. In the backyard, there is private garden with beautiful landscape. Perfect for barbeque party, or just enjoy tea time and view wheat field that bring traditional but calmness atmosphere. Make relaxing time become valuable. Designed by yiangou.

Radically Interior Layout Old Farmhouse Modern Renovation

This unique vintage farmhouse renovate with radically different interior layout. With some space activities addition such as bathrooms, kitchens and cupboards in the bedrooms in clean interior structure in white colors and wooden functional décor, create refreshing stylish performance. The original features like ancient wooden truss construction in the large modern living room were maintaining and become attractive home décor in this modern refurbishment farm house interior. Glass application for inside doors, partitions balanced with steel columns make the interior have great materials combination. Height ceiling represent the continuous spaciousness of farm house spaces.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Modern and Innovative House Design in Frontenex

Modern House Design in FrontenexThis Modern House designed by Charles Pictet Architects, located in Frontenex, France. The construction is located on an old property that comprises several high-quality buildings, among which an orangery dating from the early 19th century.

Modern House Design in Frontenex
Modern House Design in Frontenex
Modern House Design in Frontenex
Modern House Design in Frontenex

Innovative Greenery Interior Home Design Concept

Greenery Interior Home Design
Enhance your house or any interior space with greenery concept. Green Fortune has innovative concept to integrate greenery in interior space. Called as plantwall, this is vertical application for unique indoor garden. Without loosing floor space, you can have sophisticated indoor garden. The size and plants also can be adjusted. The integrated drip irrigation system makes the watering very smooth. Fertilizer distributed and automatically controlled.

Greenery Interior Home DesignGreenery Interior Home Design
Greenery Interior Home Design

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Folded Planes House Ultra Modern Structure Accents

This modern two story house has folded planes feature as accents and functional outdoors design. The folded planes define the roof and walls and make the front house look has ultra modern architecture. The walls itself ornamented with perforate and randomly squared windows. Perforated walls also become elemental ornament in the interior design of this house. The perforated sculptural walls perform lighting arts both day and night. At the back, protected inner court-yard displayed along with modern swimming pool. The pool house and guest wing offer restrained counterpoints in the form of modernist boxes mirroring each other at either end of the open outdoors space. Designed by Tighe Architects.


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