Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dream House Design for the Contemporary living style

Dream House for the contemporary living styleThe house has a tropical climate with beautiful natural beauty and quiet surroundings no doubt about dreams or fantasies into reality. Khosla associate your dream home with an existing house is clean and comfortable and surrounded by an elegant exit to please all of your aesthetic, romantic and artistic senses that inspire your life.

ground floor, with large glass windows providing views of beautiful scenery to please the eye. spacious terrace house connects to a fantastic outdoor area. Many windows provide more light and air into the living room and bedroom. Tropical house owned value-for-money with a comfortable environment. The walls are treated with warm colors. That wood around the house has been designed and constructed for the purpose of perfection every time the highest specifications. The concept behind the planning and design of home owners to provide self-esteem and realize their ideas and dreams.

Dream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living style

Friday, July 30, 2010

Luxury Reed House Design in the Grassland

Reed House in the GrasslandThis residence that designed by Sotheby’s Home in 2006 spread on 7000 square foot area located in Santa Ynez Valley. The residence is become one with the savanna proved by the materials inside. The interior dominant with the natural wood, the parquet, ceilings and the terrace such the examples. We can found many kind of painting in all of the room from contemporer to Japanese once. There is sand field with few trees in the middle residence and you’ll surely like to swim in the swimming pool, mean while you were enjoying the sunset.

Reed House in the Grassland

Reed House in the Grassland
Reed House in the Grassland

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slaughterhouse – The Luxury Beach House Design in Maui

Located close to a well-known surfing spot, Slaughterhouse Beach House expands the concept of a traditional surfing hut with three connected huts – general living quarters, guest suites, and a main sleeping area. The structure’s walls are constructed from rammed earth. In this process, different local earth-based mixtures are packed together, and the resulting striated layers are visible both inside and outside the building. The walls blend in with the surroundings, are low maintenance, virtually fireproof, and a strong barrier to sound.

This home, finished in 2009, fuses Hawaiian tradition with some of the latest innovations in sustainable architecture. The house is situated high enough to provide spectacular views, but low enough to blend in with the landscape of pili grass and ironwood trees.

Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui Slaughterhouse – Beach House in Maui

Friday, July 23, 2010

Casa Familia House, The Luxury House Design in in San Diego, California

Casa Familia is a modern design and luxury homes for private accommodation, located in San Diego, California.The goal of this project is to design and build very efficient homes that will use passive and active strategies to significantly reduce energy, water and resource consumption all while providing a modern, comfortable and livable home for young family of six.

Through joint research, study and measure of good faith at home, that success is 65% less electricity consumption from mandatory state standards, and water is less than 55% of the homes of the same size without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. From the perspective of architecture is very important to eliminate the public misperception that efficiency and conservation should see the hippies' "or the other.

A reinterpretation of the courtyard houses typical of southern California, this house is much larger population than it actually is as wise to open up to and including especially in the coastal landscape and mild climate. This is the house at the same time look to the future direction (feature-rich technology), given the convenience of low-technology strategy in the past, before there was air conditioning and forced air units.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Luxury Interior and Exterior Design of Seaside Villa by Julia Palmer

Luxury Seaside Villa by Julia Palmer

Quiet and elegant, organic light travels through the south side of the building structure, but the benefits of plant architecture, the arrangement of windows and using soft colors and reflective walls to maintain the intensity of light and very strong, in fact, can also contribute to the efficient use of energy. This interior designer Julia Palmer, 530 square meters overlooking the majestic structure Oceanside Mallorca with the comfort of casual elegance and simplicity. Designed for the accent color of choice in the formation of the lowest tender of art and furniture, the Villa with easy walking on a thin line between the living room, comfortable family living and elegant structural accents designed specifically for home-Mediterranean

Luxury Bedroom Seaside Villa by Julia Palmer

Luxury Living room Seaside Villa by Julia Palmer

Luxury Dining Room Seaside Villa by Julia Palmer

Monday, July 19, 2010

Luxury Casa Kimball Beach House Design in Dominican Republic

Casa Kimball private house on the coast escape and luxury villa rental is located in the Dominican Republic north coast. It is set on a cliff with an awesome panorama of the Atlantic. Despite having a large terrace, an infinite edge pool, outdoor jacuzzi and high windows that are intended to protect views of the surrounding villas. Interior space together with the places on the outside, all of which are designed to allow the sea breeze in the shade from the sun throughout the year. villa is approximately 20,000 square meters and consists of two rooms and two outdoor, dining room with views of the pond focus on marine, and outdoor bar area.

45m pool form the long middle part of the Casa Kimball is one of the main features. Every room in the house near the sea where the infinity and beyond. Three different levels of platforms in the hole will allow visitors to lie down in the water, sit and lounge. Using a little reflective blue tiles, the surface of the pool changes color to match the sea. Swim out to sea to create the impression that the sea itself, people see nothing but endless horizon where the water meets the sky.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Defining Interior Your Home’s Style with Accent Walls

Accent on the wall of the room to change the proportion, tone, and the size of what you feel in space. Initially, the wall of a dark color or accent colors complement the main room. This will be used for accent wall to draw your eye to the main focus, and not far from the region well. Yes, the fireplace entertainment center, bed or be the main focus of the room, and so does the front wall accents. Today, not only painted an accent wall, see the options to determine the style of your home with other rich ingredients.

NATURAL MATERIALS: Stone, brick, slate and wood are all ingredients found in nature that acts as a natural way to bring the outside in, especially on an accent wall. Rough and more of the material, which feels much more rural and informal spaces. Although using smaller elements and smooth, the room feel more formal and refined. The fireplace is a natural accent walls that need attention when you walk into the room. Consider using natural ingredients big or small, to set the tone for the rest of the room

MURALS: Remember the life size athletic stickers that kids would put up in their rooms? Murals are the adult version of these! Adults can express their passions on the wall and still look stylish. Murals can be applied like wall paper, and come in a variety of options. Sports, nature, illusions, and cityscapes are popular amongst people who want to have an accent wall that delivers excitement or a blast of pop culture. Stickers and adhesive applications are smaller versions of murals, but can be used on accent walls as well.

HALLWAYS/STAIRS: In these areas we rarely consider using accent walls. Accent walls can also be used to deliver the individual through an ‘experience’ on their way to another room of the home. Ever been in a house with a long hallway and there’s nothing on the walls? It feels like the longest hallway ever! Consider using pops of color, natural materials, or treat it like an art gallery. Accentuate the space with the use of framed photographs, art, and family memorabilia. Instead of wanting to run down the hall, the space will be a lot more enjoyable to travel through.

WINDOWS: Believe it or not, an accent wall could also be a window. Many homes have incredible picturesque views of mountains, city lights, the ocean, or a gorgeous manicured lawn. Windows create a ‘living’ accent wall that is ever changing, and provides the space with light. To take advantage of a beautiful view, consider using windows with minimal mullions to break the eye’s view. The fewer interruptions your eye makes, the more the outdoors will pull itself inside your home. Expansive windows can make a painted accent wall seem pale in comparison.

Simple Touches to Bring Cottage Style Decor into Your Home

summer time is the right time to fall in love with the cottage style decorating for your home. This includes casual and informal beach life, country, or rural retreat. Cottage style home decor reminds small vacation cabin hidden and not fussy, and all for leisure and lifestyle slow pacing. You can do this look at home with these contacts to bring the cottage style decorating your favorite places. Whether summer or winter, can not be placed back inside to go home to?

Light color: white, neutral, and colors inspired by beach hut décor is very common. Sunday bleached shades of blue and green with a sense of moldy interior. Cottage-inspired decor looks like it has been there for years. Choose colors that dumb, and consider using a complete white wash that looks fake. A cabinet, furniture, and walls are also taking ages Latina beauty. Varying shades of Tans, beiges, and white gives a fresh atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle that means the cottage. Use beadboard wainscoting and internally to see and to feel cabin.

FURNITURE: Minimal detailing and mix-and-match furniture is the heart of cottage décor. Chairs, tables, cabinetry and kitchen islands can be low maintenance with simple styling. Use slipcovers over couches and chairs in living areas to bring in the colors and textures that are low maintenance and beckon to relax in them. Wood is a favorite for cottage style décor because of its traditional beginnings. The cottage style dates back to craftsmen and artisans designing and building their own homes and furnishings. If using new furniture, distressing techniques will make furniture look worn, but comfortable and cozy.

STORAGE & DISPLAY: Open shelving, pots, baskets, and urns are popular for storage and display. Cottage style décor focuses on light and airy interiors. To achieve this, storage and display items are easy to find items that would be found in the country, farmhouse, or beach home. Heavy, dark storage furniture will overpower the space, and feel clunky and out of character. Instead use open shelving made from natural pine or oak. Garage and antique sales are perfect places to find creative storage ideas. Someone’s old pine bookshelf may be a perfect accent for your cottage décor!

Mixing decor: A Try combining modern materials, along with the cottage decor - the result will be beautiful! The kitchen is the perfect place to add a modern marble or granite counters, paired with a cabin inspired cabinet. modern equipment matching stainless steel with weathered pine floor and farmhouse sink with brushed nickel or copper fixtures are great. Cottage decorating can inspire you to live more relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. We can all take some tips from this method of decoration, but do you agree?


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