Friday, December 17, 2010

Modern Home Design with Period Interior Decor

The great thing about being an interior designer with a shop full of beautiful fabrics and furniture, and a range of paints of one’s own choosing, is the speed at which a home can be transformed. Designers famously try out furniture, colours, pictures, chandeliers and fabrics at home; sometimes they sold on, sometimes they stay for years, but being able to experiment without fear of disapproval is one of the joys of the business.

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The German owner of this 1920s apartment uses it as an extensions of his shop and is greatly taken with the atmosphere of the building, where all his neighbors are owner-occupiers. Creating the perfect home is as much about colour and design as it is about environment and atmosphere. There are many European influences at work here, from France, Scandinavia and England. The walls are painted in rich colours but are not cluttered with pictures. Scale is important and large mirrors are a favorite device to reflect light and add depth to the rooms. Antique fabrics are considered essential to tone down newly decorated rooms and imbue them with a sense of past life and history.

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