Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minimalist Architecture-5 Steps Preparing a New Home

Minimalist Architecture Picture
Build a house whose name begins long before the land for foundations dug. To avoid large losses and expenses, there are five steps you should prepare before:

* Plan your budget and ability to adjust to the shape and type of house you want, do what you later, because your home will not be completed when your funds run out. Plan your budget can also be used to propose the construction or renovation loan to the bank, so you can save jobs.
* Note the location that you will wake up. This relates to the type of soil you are going to set up buildings, drainage plans and land contours as well. All of which will determine the additional cost of the unexpected if you do not count.
* Choose your home contractor in accordance with the requirements of adequate capacity. You as the owner is the most entitled to determine with whom you work. Includes bangaimana you choose artsitek minimalist or other designers.
* Specify the model and type of your home. If you are not an architect, you can choose a minimalist example of architectural drawings is in the hands of your architect, or from catalogs, or from the image of your home you have. Architect stay modify as needed according to your tastes.
* Negotiation of contract. Make sure you understand all aspects of the contract in writing, ask that matters relating to the architect who did not go into details you understand. Ensure cancellation of the agreement or a penalty if your partner violates the contract.

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