Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bright Australian Retreat Featuring Beautiful Textured Materials

The Esuoh House was designed as the perfect retreat from the cluttered urban environment. One can sunbathe and enjoy lemonades on the sun bed or watch a movie under the stars, just like at the drive-in movies. Hofman and Brown Architects were the ones that designed the Esuoh House located in Yallingup, Western Australia. The Australian weather is perfect for this 2.009 square meters residential construction and the bright sun helps accentuate a beautiful collection of textured building materials: grey stabilised rammed limestone walls, waxed dado plaster, polished concrete, aluminium, glass and stone. The architects say that: “The aim was to enjoy the connection with the adjacent bush landscape while also creating a more private “internal” connection to the outdoors, with a protected north-east “outdoor room” incorporating the plunge pool and outdoor cinema, framed by the enclosing stone walls.” All the rooms have found shelter on one floor, covered by a low pitched skillion roof that collects rainwater. The north elevation sheltering four bedrooms benefits from a fully glazed wall that opens up to a long verandah accessible from each bedroom. I am sure that this gorgeous Australian home can inspire you to create your own comfortable retreat.

Sustainable Residence in Los Angeles with Original Architecture Details

Hover House 2 was designed by Glen Irani Srchitects and is located in Los Angeles, USA. The residence has a unique architecture, serving both an aesthetic purpose and a functional one. According to the architects, the house “is planned around the use of a fully developed outdoor living environment which includes a kitchen, dining area and living area. Hovering a large volume above the landscape eliminates the typical discontinuity between the front and rear garden areas and situates a built outdoor environment in the midst of a measurably larger feeling garden space. The blanketing roof is shaped to conduct softly gradient, reflected clerestory light while seemingly floating gently and protectively over the interior spaces“. Moreover, the Hover House 2 was built with sustainability in mind: ” PVC cool roof technology, high efficiency mechanical systems, window shading, sustainable wood finish and structural products and minimization of long term refinishing and maintenance are just several measures this project.” The interior design is highly contemporary, featuring intriguing furniture arrangements. [Photography: Derek Rath]

Monday, May 16, 2011

Designer Bathtubs of Stylish Modern House

Italian design company BluBleu designed this reclining tub.

Ron Arad worked with Italian bathroom design company Teuco to reinvent the boxy standup shower. Turn the lip up when showering or turn it down when bathing in this gorgeous multipurpose unit.

Those who take their hygiene to scientific levels might prefer the Beignet tub by Japan-based Spiritual Mode.
The Strip tub by Aquamass conjures images of waterfalls in a tropical paradise. It comes in freestanding or wall-mounted forms.

Instead of the little old woman who lived in a shoe you can be the lavish woman who bathed in a shoe. SICIS designed these glass mosaic shoe tubs.

Designed by Chin Chia Lim, the W├╝rfel – or Falling Water – tub brings the infinity pool experience indoors.

Modern Minimalist Beach House at Star House by AGi Architects

It is difficult to meet demands for rich people when it’s about building a house. Sometimes architects have to deal with bad taste of clients and dictatorial attitude. This bold house is called Star House in Bnaider, Kuwait and it’s designed by AGi Architects. It’s modern home design indeed but it’s really bold and cold I must say. Although the stairs are made from wood we can’t sense the welcoming atmosphere at this waterfront house plans. The pool that faces the ocean is definitely great but it’s only because of the vista. On the lower level, the house extends into the landscape and the sea.

AGi Architects made this beach house plans in correlation with the coastline of Kuwait. It’s a nice approach but unluckily it’s too edgy. This is perhaps the most architectural beach house design which others might say that it’s great but not to us. The initial design was originally made for three detached dwellings and the client opted for a single modern house design, two bungalows and a boathouse to make it possible for further expansion in the future. Still it’s a good place for a minimalist resort house.


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