Monday, May 16, 2011

Designer Bathtubs of Stylish Modern House

Italian design company BluBleu designed this reclining tub.

Ron Arad worked with Italian bathroom design company Teuco to reinvent the boxy standup shower. Turn the lip up when showering or turn it down when bathing in this gorgeous multipurpose unit.

Those who take their hygiene to scientific levels might prefer the Beignet tub by Japan-based Spiritual Mode.
The Strip tub by Aquamass conjures images of waterfalls in a tropical paradise. It comes in freestanding or wall-mounted forms.

Instead of the little old woman who lived in a shoe you can be the lavish woman who bathed in a shoe. SICIS designed these glass mosaic shoe tubs.

Designed by Chin Chia Lim, the W├╝rfel – or Falling Water – tub brings the infinity pool experience indoors.

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