Friday, July 29, 2011

Modern White Beach House by Richard Meier in South California

.What you see in here is a breathtaking beach house designed by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino. With the ocean on one side, the white minimalist residence seems perfect for water lovers and anyone with a taste for style and relish for natural beauty. Spread across 4,280 sq feet, the house boasts exotic interiors with mind-blowing views and a charming huge courtyard overlooking the ocean. Summer is coming and we can already imagine ourselves living for a couple of months in here. Kudos to Richard, it’s an amazing building

Dakar Sow House : Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Captured between two changing shades of blue – the sky and the Atlantic Ocean – Dakar Sow House rises on a cliff just above the immense stretch of water. Constructed areas cover a surface of 1,402 square meters, and the residence is the result of collaboration between the architects of SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) and Antoni Associates as interior decorators. Because the residence is inhabited by a Senegalese businessman and his young family, it had to be designed in a way that encompasses all the family’s needs. Designed to offer the best floor plan possible for enjoying extensive panoramic views, the Dakar Sow House features a long hallway crossing the house from the study area – built as a separate volume – to the kitchen, with all the other rooms extending from it. The house in Dakar, Senegal features a gaming/family room, a large lounge, a kitchen, barbecue terrace and pool terrace, as well as guest room adjacent to the private gym and reflecting pond. Another interesting thing is the arrangement on the site and the house’s location on the edge of a cliff, which includes keeping part of an old World War Two bunker and transforming it into an underground cinema, connected to the house with a spiral staircase. What more could you want from a modern home like this one?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Attractive Designer Bedroom for Your dream

Attractive Designer BedroomAttractive Bedroom Designs Sets With Artistic Wall Art

Bedroom designs and bedroom ideas are really important factor in finalizing your bedroom. Some love to have a huge photo frame or a fancy artist drawing put up right above their heads as shown in the first bedroom design below. Some also love to have lights hanging around and close to their beds as it creates not only a romantic ambiance but also a luxurious and rich feeling. Many people love to have a small water fountain or some king of water effect in their bedroom cause they find the sound of water very soothing. Some prefer vibrant colors like purple and lavender and orange for the walls as well as for the bed furniture and apparels where as most of them love it to give a lavish and luxurious taste by having it soft and sober dull or black and white. Many also like to have some wallpaper or star exactly above their heads on the ceiling of their bedroom. All such ideas go on to create a bedroom design which you would love to have. Hence go ahead and explore these ideas before you select your bedroom beds or bedroom furniture and complete decorating your bedroom design.

Attractive Designer BedroomLavish And Luxurious Bedroom Design With Huge Wall Prints

Attractive Designer BedroomBedroom Designs With Wall Paintings And Classic Shades

Attractive Designer BedroomExquisite Bedroom Sets With Water Tub And Jacuzzi

Attractive Designer BedroomBedroom Designs With Purple Ambiance And Purple Furniture

Attractive Designer BedroomBedroom Designs With Soft Fresh And Classic Look

Attractive Designer BedroomClassy Beautiful Bedroom Sets With Modern Lighting

Bedroom Designs With Oriental FlavorBedroom Designs With Oriental Flavor

Friday, July 22, 2011

Modern Trends and Design Ideas For Interiors Of Living Room

Living room is one of the most important rooms while thinking of the interior design ideas of your house. The living room designs interior reflects your taste and the interior designer’s capabilities at the first step. The choice of colors and accessories is one of the most important factors in thinking of the interior design ideas for your living room. You need to understand what are the primary and tertiary colors and the basic principle of mixing them to get better shades. The sofa or other furniture that you use and the material they are made of is also an important factor. Apart from that the flooring that you select be it marble, tiles or wood it should go with the entire room interior design ideas. Shown below are few living room designs that follow good modern designing trends.

You could have many more innovative interior design ideas for your living room and you could select them and send them to us and we surely would love to feature them. Many love to do their create their own interior design ideas and many would love to give it to some interior designer. If you are doing it on your own then surely surf the net and have a cast look at the ways of doing interiors of home before trying your hand on it. Interior design ideas books are also readily available to have a soft copy of interior design ideas at hand.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Minimalist Modern Furniture Bedroom Design for Your Dream

Minimalist Modern Furniture Bedroom Design Modern Furniture Bedroom Design presented the best sample minimalist bedchamber blueprint with avant-garde minimalist appliance for your latest autogenous decorating styles. This is the best bedchamber autogenous architecture account which can be your adviser in bedchamber remodeling. This new models of bedchamber autogenous with minimalist blush for the appliance actualize the consequence of abreast modernity. Best architecture attic plan will accomplish you added calmly in bedchamber minimalist adornment in baby spaces. The new trends bedchamber architecture account are application avant-garde arrangement for all appliance and minimalist lighting decor. We sure, the best minimalist bedchamber blueprint with avant-garde minimalist appliance can be your best on your minimalist room.

Minimalist Modern Furniture Bedroom Design Minimalist Modern Furniture Bedroom Design
Minimalist Modern Furniture Bedroom Design 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lavish Dream Home Interior Designs Along The Caribbean

If you happened to be in Caribbean and would like to have a look at a dream house, a swish and serene home, breath taking interiors then you surely need to check the home at Casa Kiimbal. This house which has a full fledge ocean view on three sides has been designed by New York based architect names Rangr Studio. The designs are super grand and spectacular. It has a huge ocean front landscape and lots of coco palms with pristine sand all around it to give a beach look and feel. It has a long swimming pool of 156 ft length with a lot of sports area and equipments like volley ball, billiards table etc. Have a look at the pictures below and we are sure you would not stop drooling over them and would wish to have a dream home just like this.

dream home interiors lavish house exterior plan

dream home interiors lavish house exterior

dream home interiors lavish house master bedroom

dream home interiors lavish house living room

dream home interiors lavish house dining room

dream home interiors lavish house patio design

dream home interiors lavish house outdoor relaxing area

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modern Living Rooms design picture

Living room designs is the heart of every home as it’s the most important room when you have guest at home or when you’re having a home party.

Modern Living Rooms designModern Living Rooms design


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