Saturday, August 20, 2011

A stunning house near Rio de Janeiro Coast

A stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastBrazilian architect Fernanda Marques thrills us again with this spectacular home set in Rio de Janeiro’s coastline. Located in the posh Laranjeiras neighborhood of Rio, this picture perfect paradise looks more like a resort than anything else. The floor to ceiling glass panels and the open layout help the house make best use of the views it is blessed with. That clean flow between the interiors and exteriors shouldn’t really surprise you if you have seen Fernanda’s work before. Just check out these gorgeous images.

A stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro CoastA stunning house near Rio de Janeiro Coast

Inspiring Bathroom Designs for the Soul

Inspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulThe bathroom represents so much more than a place to maintain good hygiene. If designed correctly it can provide us with a peaceful private place to unwind from the stressful tension of the day. There are key elements to consider in creating an ambient environment that instantly mellows its company. Below are a few examples of what we thought were well done and beautifully inspiring designs to rejuvenate the soul. No matter your decorating style- lighting, color, temperature, texture, aroma and scale are all factors that create the undeniable warmth of a great bathroom.
Inspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the SoulInspiring Bathroom Designs for the Soul

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Contemporary Living Room Design

Contemporary Living Room Design

Tropical contemporary design criteria such as minimalist, simple, and clean, but still has the character of a dwelling house comfort. Three things must be considered in designing the living room:

1.Sofa and Tables
Selection of sofas and a table of course it is better adapted to the design and theme of contemporary modern living room design.

Another thing to consider is the lighting problem. Can not be denied if the lamp has an important role in the overall appearance of the living room. There is a good idea before buying a lamp.

It is also important to note is the ornament or decoration in the living room. It is better if the decorations in the living room is not excessive, for displaying decorations or items that do not need to actually make the room seem cluttered. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing and determining what is appropriate decorations on display in your living room.

Overall, this material is used in every corner of the room with a simple model and clean, so it looks harmonious and united with the concept of home for impressive wide.

Similarly, other furniture such as sofas, coffee table, standing lamps, and other selected with a minimalist contemporary modern characters and bright colors.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lavish And Luxurious Wooden Hill Top Dream House

The Hilltop House shown below is one of the best houses I have come across on the web. It looks extremely luxurious but honestly it isn’t, meaning there has not been too much of green spent. It is located just north of San Diego. The most stunning features pf the house mind blowing views, lovely beautiful gardens, extraordinary interiors, lavish furnishing, and a pool to relax in. This main beauty of the house is the use of wood for ceilings, floorings and most of the furniture’s and walls too. It is also extremely spacious and energy saving. The house is also featuring the shiny tiles and those wooden accents on the inside. The lighting adds the good performance at night. This lovely dream house was designed by Safdie Rabines.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stylish Gorgeous Dream House Interiors On West Hollywood Hills

The below dream house is located in West Hollywood hills and a single view of it from outside and you would not be able to restrict a visit inside. It is a palace built on 10,000 square feet of land and has modern artistic architecture and interior design by none other than the very fabulous and creative interior designer Studio Pali Fekete Architects. The residence is a mixture of product of concrete and steel construction with a lot of exposed concrete walls and steel beams on both the interior and exterior. The house features multiple levels, along with a basement below grade. One of the main architectural elements of the mansion is the vertical louvers that form a screen across portions of the facade. Apart from having shade for the rooms behind the lovers, they also function to break up the stark horizontal of the building. Large glass windows are worked into the design scheme to showcase panoramic views toward the Hollywood hills and Los Angeles area topography.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lavish Luxurious Contemporary House In California

The luxurious yet contemporary home design shown below is called the Evans Residence and has been designed by bittonidesign studio. It is one of those houses that are located in shiny California quite above the city level. Thanks to that it has amazing outdoor patios that feature amazing views from all round the house. The house is a remodel of mid-century modern house into the truly contemporary building with contemporary interior. Indoor/outdoor living is quite usual in this area but the designs are such that you feel more connected to the sky than the landscape. Color theme of the house’s exterior is quite neutral while inside it features a pure white living area. This area is very light and airy because of large windows it features.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful and Luxurious Dream House Design

Designing a dream house is always like working on a dream project. It gives great pleasure but be aware that this project can be tricky too, as you will surely like to design it with the best specializations. There are several attributes which you need to work on while providing the exterior of your dream house like land size, number of room, number of floors and technical planning as well. If you have shortlisted a land to construct your dream house then you must consider the size of the land and then start with the proceedings, because the number of rooms, the number of floors will surely depend on the size of the land. After selecting a land then comes the planning for the number of rooms which vary from family to family. For instance, a nuclear family requires less number of rooms as compared to the joint family.

After fixing all these issues then arrives the need to design the blueprint of the interiors. This constitutes the organization of the rooms and their placing. Normally the bedrooms are crafted at the corners of the house with the living room in the middle. Apart from these grant your attention to other parts which you want to append in your dream house like study room, washroom wall decors and so on. You can execute the floor planning using various architectural software available.

While constructing your dream you must be cautious about various tips and warnings like employing plumbing fixtures very close to each other can save a large amount of your construction cost. For example in a multistory house, design your house in such a way that one washroom is on the top of the other one. You must also consider the activities that quite often take place on your family by your family members. Also consider the location, climatic conditions and the design of the surrounding homes to design your dream house. Plan how you want the outlook of your house and then start accordingly. This will provide a blueprint how you want your dream house to be.


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