Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Contemporary Living Room Design

Contemporary Living Room Design

Tropical contemporary design criteria such as minimalist, simple, and clean, but still has the character of a dwelling house comfort. Three things must be considered in designing the living room:

1.Sofa and Tables
Selection of sofas and a table of course it is better adapted to the design and theme of contemporary modern living room design.

Another thing to consider is the lighting problem. Can not be denied if the lamp has an important role in the overall appearance of the living room. There is a good idea before buying a lamp.

It is also important to note is the ornament or decoration in the living room. It is better if the decorations in the living room is not excessive, for displaying decorations or items that do not need to actually make the room seem cluttered. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing and determining what is appropriate decorations on display in your living room.

Overall, this material is used in every corner of the room with a simple model and clean, so it looks harmonious and united with the concept of home for impressive wide.

Similarly, other furniture such as sofas, coffee table, standing lamps, and other selected with a minimalist contemporary modern characters and bright colors.

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