Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun Baby bath design

Buying baby bath certainly should not be arbitrary. Many that must be considered, especially in the side of safety. Here's a guide to get the best tub for your baby.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4zV8u4lm4-g/Tx5u6OZcdTI/AAAAAAAAAFo/L2mtXSpWbLQ/s1600/1318492291_263319008_1-Gambar--Munchkin-Inflatable-Safety-Duck-Tub-tempat-mandi-anak-hanya-85rb-loch-di-grupbuyscom.jpg     Choose convertible baby bathtub ¨ ¨ in the sense that the length can be adjusted with the baby's growth. This bath can certainly be used for a long time.

     Infants under six months of age have not been able to sit alone, so make sure the tub has a base so that the baby's head remains higher position than her. This position so that the baby's head is not exposed to water.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DaGK7cf37z0/S8ypFSvNbCI/AAAAAAAABGg/bKrVIkP5Lco/s1600/european+bath+tub.jpg     When buying a plastic tub make sure the texture detail. Make sure the material is soft and safe for baby. But also make sure the thick plastic so it will not easily bent due to the baby's weight or the weight of the water.

     Make sure the tub has a hanger. That way when the tub is not in use, you can hang it on the wall.

     Make sure there are no rough edges or can injure the baby's skin.

    Selection of the bathtub safe and comfortable baby can certainly make bath time more fun. Do any vote or be tempted cheap price.

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